There’s no place for pests in manufacturing: EZ Pest Elimination delivers superior industrial pest control – with the paper trail to prove it. We know that third-party audits are business critical, and help you pass rigorous inspections. Our industrial pest control professionals are highly trained, taking an industry-specific approach to challenging pest conditions. We’ll rid your land and fields of all termites and pests before you build your foundation and grow your plantation.

You’re fully covered

  • Audit-compliant and professional, our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions meet or exceed industry guidelines.
  • Incoming Cargo Inspection Program
    pre-audit inspections and recommendations
  • Expertise in GMP and GLP requirements
  • A Crystal-clear documentation trail
  • Specialized fumigation services
  • Strict quality control measures
  • A commitment to on-site safety protocols
  • Expertise in bird and wildlife removal
  • Staff entomologists to address tough issues
  • IPM pest control solutions
  • In-service training available for your staff
  • 24-hour emergency response & flexible scheduling
  • Warehousing Pest Control: Looking for Pests in Unexpected Places