All of our residential plans start with a thorough home inspection. This inspection will enable your EZ Pest Elimination technician to find issues in your home that could be casting your current problems or could lead to potential problems. We then develop a comprehensive pest control solution that includes season visits, carefully targeted treatments, exclusion techniques and preventative measures. The bottom line: you get peace of mind protection against all pests, rodents or insects.


A single pest can bring a business to it’s knees. Wether it’s a restaurant, school or warehouse, an office building or an apartment building, you simply don’t want the annoyance, health risk and adverse impact on your customers and employees. That’s why we’re committed to responding rapidly and implementing proactive and environmentally responsible programs that work. With an EZ Pest Elimination Commercial Control Plan, your pests will be gone – and stay gone – guaranteed!


There’s no place for pests in manufacturing: EZ Pest Elimination delivers superior industrial pest control – with the paper trail to prove it. We know that third-party audits are business critical, and help you pass rigorous inspections. Our industrial pest control professionals are highly trained, taking an industry-specific approach to challenging pest conditions.


With EZ Pest Elimination, identifying bed bugs is not a problem. Jake, our bed bug work dog is trained to sniff out bed bug and point us to the source. Once they have been found we can properly treat the source.

Whether you need your home, apartment or office inspected, EZ Pest Elimination, LLC can identify and remediate the problem